An Insight into Android++

ANDROID… All over our minds! Everyone amongst us has used an android phone or at least come across friends, relatives or colleagues using one. It is the most amazing creation which has brought in a rapid and high market response of smart phones and tablets and equally grown in our hearts. It has been an attraction, not only among the technology lovers but with everyone, while its apps make our lives more comfortable, advanced and exciting. This Operating System working on the Linux language, has come a long way from HTC Dream G1 as one of the first Android smart phones, and Shake as the first popular game of Android platform to now a highly advanced version from Cupcake, Donut to the latest stable version Kit-Kat, along with companion devices like the Google Glasses and Sony Smart Watch.

There is a never ending demand for better applications and updated versions for the existing ones, which offers a huge scope for android application development in India. Companies like Samsung and HTC use Android OS which is currently reining the Indian mobile market. Its availability with more than fifty percent smart devices has enhanced every opportunity to contribute to this advancement.

Android written in JAVA is available as an open source which is one of its greatest strengths. Around two million applications are developed for android with more than three billion downloads. It depends on Linux for core system services like security, memory mgt, process mgt, network stack and driver model. Other manufacturers like Sony, Karbonn, Micromax, LG, Intex, Spice, Huawei, ZTE, XOLO, iBall, etc, have flooded the market with android phones in different price segments.

With this there has been a demand for newer innovation. Besides Google and larger MNCs, some native companies like Techjini, Mutual Mobile, Spsoft, Xcube Labs, Mobiloitte, Virtualinfocom, LogictreeIT Soln, WeetechSolution, Apps Chopper, Neo Android etc, have been active developers of this software.

What are these companies looking for while hiring an android developer?

Basic attributes of an App developer are expertise in coding, graphics and User Interface development. You should have a command over Android Studio and JAVA. An intensive knowledge in core graphics, location and animation, along with an idea on Open AI, Interface Builder, GSP framework and OpenGL ES is required.

With more and more advanced platforms being introduced, developers are required who can focus on working with Visual Design and User Interaction, Functionality, Performance and Stability, Google Play, Test Procedures, Testing with StrictMode.

What the workshop Android++ offering you?

With this workshop you will learn and get an insight into what the market and the community is able to support, where the utility is, and ultimately what you have got to offer to the industry as a developer. This is a place for developers and designers who want to experiment and figure out what is that next exciting app that everyone is waiting for.

In these weekend workshops, one of the android developers, is going to take you through the whole process of design and development of android software with a concrete and realistic approach. Every important aspect that a successful developer must know will be covered here, sharing the personal industry experience. There is a lot that you will be experiencing in here apart from building your foundation in learning and scripting programming. Open mind-jamming sessions with new ideas and innovation, is what is going to take place here. We welcome young enthusiasts who have the passion for learning and growing as developers!



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